Club Rules


Local Rule Amendments

1 SAFETY. Play from the 1st or 10th tees must not proceed until players leaving the 1st or 10th greens have reached their next tee.

2 TEE PRIORITY. Players on the 1st tee should give way to one group leaving the 9th green and playing through. After giving way to a single group, the waiting group on the 1st tee has priority.

3 OUT OF BOUNDS A ball is out of bounds if:

  1. It is beyond any boundary fence. Any person found attempting to retrieve a ball from these areas will be asked to leave the course without exception.

  2. Beyond the white stakes on the 5th, 6th, 14th and 15th holes.

4 ABNORMAL COURSE CONDITIONS. Ground under repair including Winter Greens. When a ball is in, on or touches GUR in the general area relief MUST be taken. No penalty. Rule 16.1a

5 OVERHEAD POWER LINES.A ball which strikes overhead power cables MUST be replayed. No Penalty

6 IMMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS. Relief is given from all seats, shelters, litter bins, ball washers, winter tee mats, pylons, shale or metal paths. No Penalty. Rule 16.1a

7 PENALTY AREAS. All penalty areas are marked with Red Stakes  where Lateral relief is an option,  including the wooded areas to the right of the 2nd/11th hole, the ditch and woods behind the 3rd/12th green, the wooded area to the right of the 5th/14th hole, the wooded area between the 6th/15th hole and 8th/17th hole. Rule 17

8 PRACTICE AREA. The practice area is a Penalty Area marked with Red Stakes with Green Tops indicating NO PLAY ZONE. Play from the practice area is strictly prohibited. Rule 17

9 STAKED TREES. If a player’s stance or swing is impeded by a staked tree or trees, relief MUST be taken. No Penalty .Rule 16.1a

10. FAIRWAY DISTANCE MARKERS. White 200 yards, Yellow 150 yards, Red 100 yards. Blue posts 150 yards.

ETIQUETTE ARGC expects high standards of Player Conduct. All players are expected to play in the spirit of the game by acting with integrity, showing consideration for others and for caring for the course.

Recognised golf attire is required at all times when on the course.

READY GOLF has been adopted by ARGC and players are encouraged to play as quickly but as safely as possible in accordance with R&A Pace of Play guidance.